High Performance Boat-lift Canopy

While most canopy’s are sewn together and then shipped off to their new homes Coastline takes it one step further and sews the edges with Tenara thread.

Who We Are

Coastline Boat-lift Canopy of Punta Gorda is a local, family owned and operated company. While all of our products are sourced within the United States, our canopys are hand sewn and our frames are custom welded at our Fort Myers location!

All of Coastline’s custom made frames are made with premium grade aluminum and are rated to withstand wind speeds of 130+ mph. Best of all, all of Coastline boatlift canopys are backed by a 5 year limited warranty! We take pride in our work and enjoy custom building any size or style canopy to fit your individuals needs.

We service Punta Gorda, Charlotte County, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and all surrounding areas. Give us a call or stop by during our normal business hours to begin creating your dream canopy today!

Tenara Threaded Seams

While most canopy’s are sewn together and then shipped off to their new homes, we take it one step further and sew the edges with Tenara thread. Doing so increases the canopy’s durability and strength allowing it to withstand Florida’s unpredictable weather.

Extra Solid Support

Coastline’s aluminum frames are always reinforced with 4 supports as opposed to 3 supports. Our happy customer testimonials prove that our custom details produce quality products!

I-Beam Construction

Coastline’s one of a kind I-Beam construction provides added support to the canopy and permits for bending under high stress situations.

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Florida is notoriously known as the sunshine state. Afternoon and evening showers are common here in southwest Florida and can really put a damper on your mood after a fun day on the water. The last thing you would want to do is maneuver a pesky boat cover in the rain.

In addition to the unpredictable weather, Florida’s harsh elements can just as quickly ruin a vessel. Protect your vessel from all of Florida’s elements with a Coastline boatlift canopy! Options are endless when you can mix and match from any of our 30 water-weather proof colors and our 5 custom built aluminum frames.

Do you live in a no-build zone? Our Cayman style frame is the perfect addition for you! Still unsure of which option is best? Contact us or simply drop by our office during our regular business hours!

Canopy Frame Styles

Coastline boatlift covers inspects every cover before it is delivered and then again after installation. We take pride in our work no matter how big or small the project! Our goal is to provide a product that you will love for the years to come.

Dominica Retro

This classic style is the original Dominica and a perfect option for those who are looking to step back in time and appreciate more of an old-school appearance.


The perfect style for those who live within a no-build zone. The Cayman can be built without or without the I-Beam.


The Barbados allows for an additional overhang of 12-30 inches giving this style frame a traditional “V” shape. The Barbados can be built with or without the I-Beam.

Dominica with I-Beam

Florida’s number one style frame! The Dominica with I-Beam allows for bending during high stress scenarios. This extra durable frame is perfect for hurricane season. Additionally, due to its style, the Dominica with I-Beam provides a larger area of shade during those hot days making cleaning a breeze.


Similar to the Barbados, the Antigua style frame also has the traditional “V” shape. What sets it apart is its one of a kind drop down sides! The Antigua can be made with or without the I-Beam.


Why a Coastline Boat Lift Cover is for you!

Florida’s sun is extremely harsh not only on your skin but also on the gel coating that protects your vessel. The custom covers Coastline Boatlift creates provide coverage and protection from the sun! This allows you to work on your boat even during the peak UV index without any worries. We trust our handmaid products so much that they are backed by a 5-year limited warranty!

A boat cover is typically less expensive than a Coastline Boatlift canopy however, it will not last nearly as long. Boat lift covers are a hassle to constantly maneuver on and off your boat taking precious time away from relaxing on the water. Coastline’s canopy on the other hand requires no effort for normal day to day use and will provide years of protection.

The only predictable weather pattern in Florida is the daily afternoon thunderstorm! Traditional boat covers allow water to seep through and into your boat which increases the chances of algae and mold buildup. Coastline boatlift canopy’s protect your boat from those storms and help minimize the amount of water that collects inside your vessel. Best of all, you can continue to work under the protection of the canopy until the shower has passed!

Still Not Sure?

Still unsure of which color and frame style is right for you? Contact us today and a member of our Coastline team will help you find the perfect addition for your home!

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