Hurrican Removal Information

Dear Coastline Customers,

Hurricane season is just around the corner and we want to make sure you have the information you need to protect your investment.  

         *****   The most important thing to remember is that the top MUST be removed if the winds exceed 70 MPH.   *****

I am sure you are wondering if there is a Hurricane Removal List?   The list will be started when there is a named storm that appears to be coming our way. We DO NOT require a deposit to get on the list. 

Anyone who has been through a few hurricane seasons knows that they can change direction, fall apart or increase at any time.  Unfortunately we will not be able to make the determination to remove your canopy.  Keep yourself aware of the weather and if you decide you want your canopy removed return the attached form.  

Coastline Boatlift Covers will work diligently to get as many covers removed as possible but cannot guarantee to get all the tops removed.  Our technicians, including the owner, will be out removing covers as long as it is safe providing we have access to gas and our employees have not been evacuated. 

If you choose to remove your canopy yourself – Start in the middle and accordion fold from the back to the middle then from the front to the middle.  After it is folded roll it up from the offshore side (the side furthest from the seawall).

We are hoping for a quiet hurricane season and look forward to assisting you if the time comes.  

Orders will not be accepted until there is a named storm coming in our direction.


Orders will not be accepted until there is a named storm coming in our direction.


Please wait until a named storm coming in our direction.


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